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Saya rindu awak ! Jangan hilang lagi :'(

Kau janji dulu tak nak hilang lagi , kenapa sekarang kau buat lagi ! :(
Aku paham kau sibuk , aku pun sama macam kau , tapi aku tak buat apa yang kau buat dekat aku sekarang ni . 

Tolong lha paham aku . Kau janji apa dulu ? Aku harap kau ingat .

Every single day im thinking about you ,
Your voice ,
Your face ,
Your nature ,
Everything ...

Then , i have been hopeless for waiting for you ,
It hurt to let go , but sometimes it hurts more to hold on ...

As soon as forever is through , I'll be over you ..
In my dream you're mine forever ...

I'm afraid to love , afraid to love so fast , because every time I fall in love . it seems to never last  ....

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